About Us

Our Name

It’s all about Innovation.

Innovation is the recognition and development of an idea to meet a market need. We frequently think of innovation as originating with an idea. But innovation occurs most often when responding to a specific market need or opportunity. “Necessity is the mother of invention.”

Innovation only works when there is perceived value, when the customer is willing to pay a fair price for an innovative product that meets a market need. It does not work when a customer is unwilling to make a purchasing decision because they do not perceive sufficient value.

There is an almost limitless supply of market needs and opportunities. The challenge is to identify the best ones that are both technically viable and economically beneficial. There is also an inexhaustible source of solutions from millions of entrepreneurs, inventors, scientists, engineers and business people.

Our name is a word blend of innovation and network. We are an innovation network. Our passion is to innovate by bringing the best market opportunities together with viable solutions. We do this by networking with businesses, engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs and inventors. It is the genesis of our name and the essence of what we do.

Our History

InnovaNet is the result of the merger in 2011 of Criterion and InnovaNet Technology Group. Criterion has provided solutions in the areas of business growth and operations improvement since 1999. InnovaNet Technology Group has worked with clients in the areas of product development, technical problem solving and business growth since 2006. As a combined entity, InnovaNet is uniquely qualified to offer services for businesses that wish to grow revenue, develop new product offerings, assess technologies, and enhance operational efficiencies.

Where We Have Worked

We have worked throughout the United States and on five continents. Click here to learn more.