Process Development

Develop and Refine Processesprocessdev

Our chemical, mechanical and industrial engineers can help you design, engineer, build and control your physical processes and manufacturing operations to ensure optimal throughput, efficiency and quality at minimal cost.

Capabilities Include:

[toggle Title=”Process Development”]Design of experiments – Proof of concept – Process simulation – Bench-to-pilot scale up – Yield ramp up[/toggle]

[toggle Title=”Process Design and Engineering”]New designs, retrofits and upgrades – Primary and ancillary process – Chemical, mechanical and industrial engineering – Facility layout and design – P&ID design and engineering – Process systems engineering / instrumentation and controls – Material mass balance – Lean Six Sigma – Economic analysis[/toggle]

[toggle Title=”Process Scale up and Commercialization”]Project management – Fabrication and construction plans – Supply chain management – Growth forecasting and economic analysis[/toggle]

[toggle Title=”Lean Six Sigma”]Learn more, click here.[/toggle]

[toggle Title=”Manufacturing Technology”]Learn more, click here.[/toggle]

[toggle Title=”Supply Chain and Logistics”]Learn more, click here.[/toggle]

[toggle Title=”Material Handling”]Learn more, click here.[/toggle]

Additional Capabilities:

[toggle Title=”Transforming operations”]Helping clients develop and implement effective programs to transform their operations and organizations, and to ensure changes are sustained going forward.[/toggle][toggle Title=”Designing and improving processes”]Working with clients to help them design optimized and improved processes for manufacturing, supply chain, distribution, maintenance, service delivery and all office functions.[/toggle][toggle Title=”Implementing Lean operations”]Applying Lean and Six Sigma principles, practices and disciplines to all aspects of the client’s operations, including changing the organizational culture to ensure success.[/toggle][toggle Title=”Optimizing and leveraging supply chains”]Helping clients better understand their distribution, supply chain and logistics options, optimize them and leverage them for optimal effectiveness.[/toggle][toggle Title=”Quality assessment, improvements and implementation”]Assessing, implementing, improving and auditing quality programs and quality management systems, such as ISO, NQA, etc.[/toggle][toggle Title=”Balancing agility and discipline in business practices”]Ensuring that clients achieve the right balance between agility and the ability to respond effectively to a changing environment and, at the same time, employing standard procedures and disciplines that are critical to success.[/toggle][toggle Title=”Supporting procurement and bid processes”]Working with clients through procurement and bid processes to ensure maximum efficiency, including the development and implementation of optimized policies and procedures.[/toggle][toggle Title=”Designing and facilitating workshops”]Developing and delivering unique, highly experiential and hands-on, results-driven workshops across a wide range of disciplines and topics, designed around proven adult learning principles.[/toggle]