Product Development

Develop New Products

The most successful innovators understand the market and practice disciplined innovation processes. The purpose of a Product Development process is the disciplined transformation an idea into a valued product.

Concept Development includes the initial transformation of an idea into a concept. It is frequently referred to the “fuzzy front end” of product development because it is iterative and non-linear. The goal is to generate a proof of concept.

Product Development includes the development of a prototype, scale up and commercialization of a product. It is linear and focused. The goal is to commercialize a product.

The entire New Product development process should be tailored to fit the organization. We can work with an organization to design a stage-gated process that meets their business and organizational needs. At the same time we can provide hands-on assistance in implementation and execution.

Capabilities Include:

  • Innovation strategy
  • Design and implementation of a stage gate process
  • Hands-on concept development
  • Hands-on product development
  • Intellectual property strategy development

Additional Capabilities:

  • Technical problem resolution
  • Assistance with writing and filing provisional patents and/or applications
  • Design of experiments – training and/or execution
  • Process design and statistical process control